Turn visitors into buyers

Manage pricing, promotions, and coupons with AI-powered insights to stay competitive in rapidly changing markets


You’ve established a brand and built out your sales channels. Now you need to attract and convert customers. This is why Fabric built Offers. With our pricing and promotions software, you can easily scale pricing optimization and promotional offers across an infinite number of products and product categories.

Pricing and promo features for the future of commerce

Optimize pricing

With Fabric’s pricing software you can set up multiple price types for any product or product category for a specified duration. If you’re currently working from spreadsheets, our bulk upload feature makes it easy to import pricing to Fabric and modernize your pricing strategy moving forward.

Create promotions

With Fabric’s promotions software you can schedule promotions that are automatically applied for shoppers at checkout. In addition to creating different promotion types—percent off, amount off, cart value, cart quantity—you can use promotion stacking and let customers get the best deal without exploiting multiple promotions.

Create coupons

With Fabric’s coupon software you can generate coupon codes that are manually applied by shoppers at checkout. Set up coupons in a similar way you set up promotions and use Fabric’s user interface to see which coupons are live, expired, scheduled, and in draft mode.

Supporting Features

  1. 01 - Customer segmentation

    Define the type of customer for which a particular promotion or coupon is applicable for.

  2. 02 - Promotion stacking

    Use multiple promos on the same product for different campaigns without bleeding margins.

  3. 03 - Bulk price upload

    Quickly set up price, clearance price, and item cost by uploading a CSV file.

  4. 04 - Price & promo scheduling

    Schedule new prices, promotions, and coupons to align with marketing campaigns.

  5. 05 - Shipping discounts

    Meet market demands for free and low-cost shipping with promos while optimizing your fulfillment strategy.

  6. 06 - Global exclusions

    Exclude low-margin or high-demand, limited-supply products from any promotional campaign.


Do you need pricing and promotions software?

You compete in a market where customers are looking for the best value of the product they purchase. The price of a product and coupons and promotions are critical factors for encouraging customers to make purchase decisions. If you are still manually setting the price of a product with spreadsheets and struggling to award your customers with attractive coupons and promotions, Fabric Offers is for you.

What types of promotions does Fabric support?

Fabric supports three promotion types: 1) a percent off or amount off (discount) for SKUs or groups of SKUs with certain attributes and within certain categories, 2) a discount for a minimum cart value, and 3) a discount for a minimum cart quantity. For promotion types related to minimum cart values and quantities, you can implement multiple tiers such as 10% off minimum cart values of $1000 and 20% off minimum cart values of $1500.

What types of prices does Fabric support?

Fabric supports four price types: 1) cost, or the amount paid to procure an item, 2) price, or the selling price of an item, 3) clearance price, or the lowest selling price offered for an item, and 4) promotional price, or the discounted prices of an item.

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