Turn buyers into members

Attract new customers, reward return customers, and inspire brand advocates


Comparative shopping is easier than ever. Shoppers come and go. No loyalty exists. This is why Fabric built Member. With our loyalty management system (LMS), you can build brand loyalty and make shopping less transactional and more experiential. Go beyond the transaction and turn customers into brand advocates.

Centralize customer loyalty

Our LMS e-commerce software lets you collect, centralize, and access customer data from an intuitive dashboard. See loyalty analytics at a high level or drill into specific customer accounts. Member is an LMS as well as a general repository of customer information for e-commerce and offline channels.

Supporting Features

  1. 01 - Attract new customers

    Incentivize first-time shoppers by creating a free membership program with additional benefits. Or offer immediate benefits at checkout by creating a new customer segment and assigning points, discounts, and gifts to their account.

  2. 02 - Reward return customers

    Win sales over competitors that have similar product lines and prices by setting up an exclusive membership program. Offer more points or a percentage off purchases to customers who join.

  3. 03 - Inspire brand advocates

    Turn repeat buyers into brand advocates by giving them referral codes, access to exclusive products, plus-one invites to private events, and more. This is one of the best ways to build your brand and encourage influencers to share your products.


How is Member different from other loyalty management systems?

Our cloud-based LMS for e-commerce and in-store channels offers a workflow that serves even the most unique use cases by allowing for a configurable taxonomy and a fully customized management of business units. It facilitates integration with countless source applications by exposing secure API endpoints and enables you to easily create promotions across a number of dimensions with the visual rule builder.

Why should you consider using an LMS?

Customer retention is more economical than customer acquisition. In other words, your best customer is the one you already have. Using an LMS for e-commerce and other channels helps you increase customer retention rates and sell more.

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